Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Teacher's Thank You

    Well I can't believe that the school year is almost over. While I was making this card for my youngest boy's teacher, I realized that I will have  one child going into grade 12, 1 into grade 10 and 1 into grade 6 come fall. Where has the time gone. I'm so very proud of how well my kids are doing and hopefully continue to do just that.
   This card is called a recessed window card. I will post the youtube video by splitcoasterstampers at the end. My son wanted to have lots of flowers on this card as this teacher is his favourite! Not sure how may kids age 11 love their teacher but mine does! So I tried to make it as special as I could.

   For this card I used a piece of white cardstock cut to 5 1/4" by 10 1/2" and folded it in half. Too make the window on the inside you need to make a square 3 1/2"  x 3 1/2" in the center of the front of the card. Once you have done that measure in 1/4:" and make another square. Now you need to take a ruler and craft knife and cut from corner to corner making a x in the square. I centered my window but you can place it higher or lower if you are planning on putting a sentiment on the front. 
   Once the x is cut you can fold the triangles outward (inside facing you) and then fold the next score line inward. The folds will create the window area of you card. Next glue a piece of cardstock to the opening. I stamped mine before gluing it in place. 

    I cut a piece of Lollydoodle paper at 5" x 5" and cut a 3 1/2" x 3 1/2" square in the middle to create a cover for the front. I then used my Art Philosophy to cut assorted styles, sizes and colours of flowers. 

   Once I cut all the flowers I spritz them with water, not too much as you don't want to rip the paper. I took my stylist and rubbed he edges of each flower to give it some shape. You can see in the first picture what it looks like before and after you rub the edges. I left the paper dry for a few minutes than rolled them up and I used hot glue to glue the flowers. I also did the same technique on the leaves to give them the same look as the flowers.  I hot glued everything in place as I wanted to make sure nothing fell off. I used the same paper to decorate the inside of the card and to cover the back of the window.

   I really love to make flowers! I'm always looking for new ideas and techniques to make them look real. I hope it has enough flowers on it for Zach! 
   If you would like to buy the products used to make this card you can go to OBA by clicking the link above. Thanks for stopping by!

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